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Whats our weakspot? (multible answers)
1. no teamplay
2. no tactics
3. to less training
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Hey fellows its me "the" h@†3 :D
I was wondering how u have been lately. Since noone writing to me in steam (and since I dont write in steam too) the connection to all of you got less and nearly disappeared. That sort of makes me sad. So I want to know how you are and what happend since we last talked. I would be happy about some skype-conversation or some talking on TS. I know that not everyone of you is using those, but still... all of you are owning a legal used steamaccount so you are able to write there :D
I know that I´m not much online lately but also that just a matter of timing :D

Well anyway... You know I´m not a man of much words so I would be happy to have a few replys :)

Greeting and endless hate from h@†3 :)
Views: 2173 | Added by: h@†3 | Date: 2011-12-10 | Comments (3)

Just informing everyone that the HoN Branch of TheD will be interring into UNGL leagues, maybe even ESL if UNGL ladder matches r not enough for us. The team has been set with more than enough players (i hope) So hopefully we won't miss any matches or cups.
The League team for now is:
LennyFrost(when he finally isn't lazy and REGESTERS)
Other news:
< ... Read more »
Views: 1447 | Added by: MrTiny | Date: 2011-09-14 | Comments (0)

Can all members please vote on what they want our clan to be named; you can find the thread by following this link: .
Also as i said in my post please after you have voted, post on that thread saying you have voted as i will be chasing up any member that hasn't voted and spam them and can all members please inform their fellow clan mates to come and vote.
Thank you.
-Mr Tiny
Views: 988 | Added by: MrTiny | Date: 2011-03-20 | Comments (3)

Kamizi is now DMoMM squad leader along side me.
He has shown he will be a great asset to the clan and to the DMoMM squad as he already has done, donating to the squad a server and a innovative idea of clan members donating. Also he will be an asset to the DMoMm squad because of his leadership and activeness, unlike the other leader (me, MrTiny xD).
I am posting this heer because it also means he will be in the clan board and steam group admins for community and DMoMM steam groups.
As i mentioned above he will also provide the clan with a DMoMM clan servers which he will be paying for alongside Zorock helping donate to the clan.
Thanks you Kamizi for what you bring to the clan and have all the cookies you want for your help. xD
As i don't want to shadow a key ... Read more »
Views: 1151 | Added by: MrTiny | Date: 2011-03-19 | Comments (6)

In our clan history this has never been done unless it was for a "rank up” and as the rank up system has been changed to a "title system” that will never happen again. So I thought I will give recognition for members doing a great job for the clan & doing more than whats asked for them.
These members are:
Ribbotson – This is for him helping me out on our clan steam group profile in making the my grammar and spelling on it and also helping me make it sound more professional. He not only did this but also helped me edit and fix up the forums in turns of making the grammar/spelling look more professional, no other member in this clan has done this.
Fuzz – This recognition is for him utilising the forums with his squad (HoN) and using in ... Read more »
Views: 959 | Added by: MrTiny | Date: 2011-02-13 | Comments (5)


Ok, so i know some of you like this game and I know some of you want our clan to move into it. (looks at alni)
So! I am making a pol thread in the members section, pls all members have a look and vote if you want to see our clan expand into this game.

There will also be a public topic about this where u can talk about why you would like to see our clan move into this game and if you re willing to support it.

Theres not much to say apart from, tell me what u think in the public thread and vote in our members area! :p
Views: 884 | Added by: MrTiny | Date: 2011-01-30 | Comments (0)

Hurricane is now Co-Leader with me.
He has been very helpful with Tactics and with our server, also very experenced in CS:S so is taking MEEPs place as Co-Leader in CS:S squad. 


Oh, also yes we have a 12 slot CS:S private server!
Well be ready soon hopfuly, as for TS it has not come yet but soon will. :)
Views: 888 | Added by: MrTiny | Date: 2011-01-09 | Comments (2)

I wish everyone the best for the upcoming year. Hope we get together for some new games coming up in 2011... Maybe new clangames. Till that stay cool and enjoy the year :P

Views: 907 | Added by: h@†3 | Date: 2010-12-31 | Comments (2)

I know all of you are in the dark on this but so am I.
There servers went down because MEEP could not fund it all by himself. He thought once the servers were up members and ppl would start donating, after 2 weeks of no1 donating he closed them because he couldn’t do it alone and thought no1 will help.
He has not come online in 9 days and i want the servers up just as much as you guys do, so i am going to funned a small TS server for the clan and a war server for CS:S. I plan to get these servers up on soon as posible but whether they can be ready by that day is a different matter. I have very lil knowledge of servers and setting them up so if i can't fined anyone online to help i'll be learning as I go alone.(w00p w00p ¬_¬)
The provider I’m going for is
The war server will be a 12 slot server with a free TV(that will take up the 11th sl ... Read more »
Views: 835 | Added by: MrTiny | Date: 2010-12-28 | Comments (2)

Merry Christms to all and a Happy new year!
Hope you all get the gifts you want from santa and have a nice day.

Views: 891 | Added by: MrTiny | Date: 2010-12-25 | Comments (3)

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