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Main » 2011 » February » 13 » I would like to give some members recognition, good job & thank you.
0:15 AM
I would like to give some members recognition, good job & thank you.
In our clan history this has never been done unless it was for a "rank up” and as the rank up system has been changed to a "title system” that will never happen again. So I thought I will give recognition for members doing a great job for the clan & doing more than whats asked for them.
These members are:
Ribbotson – This is for him helping me out on our clan steam group profile in making the my grammar and spelling on it and also helping me make it sound more professional. He not only did this but also helped me edit and fix up the forums in turns of making the grammar/spelling look more professional, no other member in this clan has done this.
Fuzz – This recognition is for him utilising the forums with his squad (HoN) and using innovation and creativity in making and suggesting events for that squad and making HoN forums just that little more active.
Zorock – This is for not only helping lead HoN squad but also helping me get things done that he didn’t have to do but did it at his own free will (this was to do with re-naming the clan). Zorock is one of the very few members that have done this for me, excluding Hate ;), and is a very welcom change :p.
Brazzkorph – This is for him being a nice helpful person within his squad, such asposting information to help fellow HoN members improve their skills and being the only HoN member to be active on our forums (appart from Zorock & Fuzz ofc) and taking part in clan conversation & discussion, unlike his fellow squad members.
Thank you & keep up the good work.
For all the members I have not mentions please do not take this in a bad way, I will be doing more of these over the months to come & I can’t do this for everyone as then it wont have any meaning will it? But maybe next time you will be mentioned, like I said more of these are to come.
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Total comments: 5
3 Ribbotson  
Zorock, I think you will find that I am the resident grammar Nazi here; STOP TRYING TO TAKE MY JOB! >:(

4 Zorock  
Haha, sure you are wink Then I'll be the alternative for when you aren't around tongue

5 Ribbotson  
Hm, we have a deal!

2 MrTiny  
Ah, yes that was a lil typo & thanks zorock, keep up the good work. smile

1 Zorock  
Tiny, if you want any grammar corrections you just let me know ^^ I'm pretty good at English grammar, as most of the people who knows me already know tongue (Sometimes they get annoyed xD )

And thanks to you too tiny, for keeping this clan up and running, and pulling the clan upwards ^^

For all the members I have not mentions please do not take this in a bad why, (mentioned* - way* , but I'm sure those are typos wink )

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