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Hey guys,

as u might mentioned im much not online in those days. This is not coused by my Playstation3 more its my work and also some aplication-stuff like interview and so on. Mostly I´m out for the whole day. When I´m back its 7-8 pm and then I´m done and not willed to get in front of my machinary. So I hope u all can fully understand that there is no response from me. Hope things will be better soon for me... So I can play a bit more. But for now send me a priv. message here on our homepage (I´ll get an email when u do so)

Since better times... Cya around
Views: 528 | Added by: h@†3 | Date: 2010-03-27 | Comments (3)

I just discovert a new Font we could use for our Logo....

I just was curious about how this would look with KoD :D I just createt a sample with "KoD" letters. Take a look :D

Views: 666 | Added by: h@†3 | Date: 2010-01-23 | Comments (15)

Hello there everybody,

I want to wish you a merry Christmas (even those who actually do not celebrate that). Many presents and concealment in your family for all. And at least I hope there are some out there who get L4D2 (like me), so we could play together. :D
Views: 573 | Added by: h@†3 | Date: 2009-12-23 | Comments (2)

Greetings from space comrates,

I dont know if you noticed the new steam-release "Shattered Horizon". Its a game created by the Futuremark Studios (those guys who created the gamingbenchmark). This game is about fighting in space, there are differend modis you can play in. Like TDM "Battle"(Team-Deathmatch), Assault (this is a one way attack on capture points) and a Skirmish (this is even to DM´s Crusade or TF2´s Capturemode).

Ok here is what I discoverd. Its a game you play in free space. There is no direction like up and down. You float arround and attach to the groud nearby (which could be an asteroid or maybe some floating containers or some ... Read more »
Views: 606 | Added by: h@†3 | Date: 2009-11-05 | Comments (0)

Well guys, I today discovert intresting stuff on the PO-Homepage. I was pretty surprised to see that the game is still alive and also its going forward. There are some videos which you should have a look at.
If all goes that way... I guess the game will appear soon (2010-2011) probably. Ok I guess I should stop talking and you see for urself.

Project Offset technology

Have fun in watching that ^^
sincerly h@†3 / Fallen
Views: 593 | Added by: h@†3 | Date: 2009-11-03 | Comments (3)

Ok.. so now the teams have been made biggrin

So the teams are as follows!!

- Hakken : Sniper and Demoman and Spy -- (Depending on situation)
- Nikitson : Engineer and spy -- (Depending on map)
- Alnitak : Pyro and Soldier -- (Depending on situation)
- Ateist : Medic and Anything -- (Depending on situation)
- Twistix : Demoman
- Xana : Scout and Soldier and Spy

The first class that is mentioned is your main class ^^ unless 2 of you wants to switch then thats ok wink

They require that we play at least 6 people... So we cannot play without any of you..

I recommend that you all go read a ... Read more »

Views: 665 | Added by: Zorock | Date: 2009-10-18 | Comments (4)

Ok so Me and Malcolm Have got a server.
Its only 1 Server so there will not be collo and it is not a public server meaning it will have a pw on it 24/7.

So the PW for the Server is : 123321
If u forget this u should be ashamed! O.O

There will be 2 active admins from each tribe, so for us it will be the same as it was befor: Mr Tiny & Ateist
& for TSH it will be Malcolm & DonSeedy.

And Befor You scream at me hate ur also admin because ur not rly active anymore and you did give us 2 lovely servers. smile

Mr Tiny

Views: 617 | Added by: MrTiny | Date: 2009-10-01 | Comments (6)

Hello my beloved fellows.

As you all know there are other clans among us. Such like TSH. And some days ago I recognized they need help. There´s a wave of desperation runnning throught their lines. Which isnt good for the clan-atmosphere. So I thought of some special chat/ingame event. Just like training but more efficent. With tipps and tricks they could use.
It would be great if there would be some support from us to them. I also will talk to Tura (to have a server some hours...)

I really would appreciate if there some of you are willed to come and help. The point from which I move is, that this is a clan with future. But they wont have if they burst appart right now.


Sincerly h@†3 / Fallen
Views: 878 | Added by: h@†3 | Date: 2009-09-25 | Comments (5)

Well guys... the last hours of our servers are running out. I dont know when exactly they will be offline. Niether I know when I will have newones. The only thing I know is... It is harder then I thought. I will miss my power... My space.

I Hope you all had a nice time on them. Please try to remind we´r not alone... Turalion is willed to lend us the server for trainings (if we ask him) and also for clanwars. And as far as I know TSH will go get a server too, soon. I asked Melcolm about having admin there. He agreed :)

So at least we´r not serverless. We just have two servers less on the list.

I will miss the servers...  :'(

sincerly h@†3
Views: 527 | Added by: h@†3 | Date: 2009-08-31 | Comments (5)


MANY ACCOUNTS GOT HACKED. (no names, but u might know who)
Views: 667 | Added by: h@†3 | Date: 2009-08-23 | Comments (6)

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