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Main » 2011 » March » 20 » Kamizi is now co-leader of DMoMM Squad! ^_^
10:32 PM
Kamizi is now co-leader of DMoMM Squad! ^_^
Kamizi is now DMoMM squad leader along side me.
He has shown he will be a great asset to the clan and to the DMoMM squad as he already has done, donating to the squad a server and a innovative idea of clan members donating. Also he will be an asset to the DMoMm squad because of his leadership and activeness, unlike the other leader (me, MrTiny xD).
I am posting this heer because it also means he will be in the clan board and steam group admins for community and DMoMM steam groups.
As i mentioned above he will also provide the clan with a DMoMM clan servers which he will be paying for alongside Zorock helping donate to the clan.
Thanks you Kamizi for what you bring to the clan and have all the cookies you want for your help. xD
As i don't want to shadow a key member in the donations to our DMoMM squad i would also like to give a big thank you to Zorock also donating to the clan and the server Kamizi is providing, to help with the running of it. :)

-Mr Tiny
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Total comments: 6
6 Alnitak  
Long live to the king!

5 DonSpeedy  
ah, my bad ...
finaly tiny can be lazy and has an excuse for it! xP
@kam: and yes you are a thing! weird goblin ... *gives cookie*

4 MrTiny  
as Goblineo said Zorock is leader of HoN and ppl can be leader of only 1 squad so not to overload them. tongue
But both of them are a huge asset to the clan, now DMoMM squad has a active leader and a me xD and zorock is just a great help to the clan and helps out a lot. :3

3 Zorock  
ty :3

2 Kamizi  
Zorro is a leader of HoN O.O not DM!
Btw. me iz not filthy anymore! and... SOME THING!? RAAAAAAAAAWR! I was born to the greatest things!!

1 DonSpeedy  
gj filthy goblin! :3 i knew someday you would make it to some ... thing :P
btw: isn't zorock co-leader anymore? o,o

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