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Main » 2009 » October » 1 » KoD & TSH Server
5:30 PM
KoD & TSH Server
Ok so Me and Malcolm Have got a server.
Its only 1 Server so there will not be collo and it is not a public server meaning it will have a pw on it 24/7.

So the PW for the Server is : 123321
If u forget this u should be ashamed! O.O

There will be 2 active admins from each tribe, so for us it will be the same as it was befor: Mr Tiny & Ateist
& for TSH it will be Malcolm & DonSeedy.

And Befor You scream at me hate ur also admin because ur not rly active anymore and you did give us 2 lovely servers. smile

Mr Tiny

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Total comments: 6
6 MightyMalcolm   [Entry]
the pw MUST be on it, because it is rented as a "clanserver" which means -5€ but with pw on it 24/7 as tiny said (--> cheaper but always with pw).
i see what i can do about it. maybe there's a way of making our serv public.

enjoy it anyway guys!
Hf smile

5 Nikitson   [Entry]
awesome news!
but why this server shouldn't be public?
for own meetings like training or smth else its good..but official trainings pass not often..and most time this server will be just BE and not useing surprised

4 Alnitak   [Entry]
Really nice news happy
About the password, the server will be always with it ?_?..I mean, if yes, normally the server won't be very populated out of trainings

3 MightyMalcolm   [Entry]
aye smile

i wouldn't mind many people on it anyway (you now good publicity for TSH and we need it^^). But maybe a TSH-server in the server list will make people recognize us. We see.

And btw i put the pw right ontop of our too biggrin

2 MrTiny   [Entry]
we can ban any fags anyway mal wants it to be public/friends tongue

Its easy to change pw anyway tongue

1 h@†3   [Entry]
Uhm tiny.. Why are u posting this on our Mainpage where every fag could see PW and stuff O.O???

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