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Main » 2009 » September » 25 » Help for TSH.
9:27 AM
Help for TSH.
Hello my beloved fellows.

As you all know there are other clans among us. Such like TSH. And some days ago I recognized they need help. There´s a wave of desperation runnning throught their lines. Which isnt good for the clan-atmosphere. So I thought of some special chat/ingame event. Just like training but more efficent. With tipps and tricks they could use.
It would be great if there would be some support from us to them. I also will talk to Tura (to have a server some hours...)

I really would appreciate if there some of you are willed to come and help. The point from which I move is, that this is a clan with future. But they wont have if they burst appart right now.


Sincerly h@†3 / Fallen
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5 MightyMalcolm   [Entry]
as soon as server comes up all will be better =) I'm sure of it! and then we can do events as u wrote in forum happy

PS.: try denieing it hate: u ARE cute tongue

4 h@†3   [Entry]
MAlcolm... I´m not cute O.O... I´m just a lazy guy with a good clan, and willed to help other befor they despair. Thats all biggrin

3 MrTiny   [Entry]
I play the game not because i want to keep it alive but because its fun....i have a very low attention span so if i play a game thats not rly fun i will get bored in 10 mins max xD

2 DonSpeedy   [Entry]
well, if it's about people like lightning he said he likes this clan 'cause the fact we DON'T have regulary trains or something in that way, he said he prefers a free clan and the atmosphere we got... what we need is a dm 2, with new people, who buy and play the game because its new and fun, not because they want to keep it alive, like most of the clan player do (perhaps not, i dont know, maybe its just fun too). Thats my statement :P

P.S. : I love your smileys KoD guys, they're so cute biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin cool surprised aaa baka

1 MightyMalcolm   [Entry]
hate, honestly u r cute sweat and now that tiny and me r getting a server for good will offer us to train regulally. in the past, trains with u KoD-guys or EYE "scared" our new guys a lil (i think) so some "privacy" may improve that. i think that's our basic prob: too less trains. and i guess we need more active members. some of the ones we recruited seem to have lost interest a lil (which i guess is my fault cuz we didnt have regular trains, etc which a clan needs to come up i'd say).

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