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Ok guys... As hard as it is for me. But now its done the contracts for the servers are canceled to 31st of august. Also the TS2 server will be down. But a bit later. They will be of on 31st of octobre. I´m sry for that bad news... But its my money I investigate. And I dont play DM (not officially) any more.

Hope you anyway enjoy further playing DM. At least we also have an alliance with EYE. And I think that we can find a way to have fun with trainings (xDDDD) and Clanwars. :D

Grettings and sorry h@†3
Views: 508 | Added by: h@†3 | Date: 2009-07-06 | Comments (8)

I am not doing anymore training for DM squad because of 2day. Training is to train as a team just because ur good by yourself does not mean ur good in a team. In today’s training admins was changing settings for their own use, making ppl faster and jump higher.

I do not expect to run around in steam getting u to training and then see u change settings. EYE clan won both CW’s against us not because they have better skilled players we r even in that as the EYE vs KoD collo duels show but they have better skilled player but because they have better team play. That is why we have training to get our team play up not to make ppl fly or go faster...That’s not training team play that’s just playing about which we can do on any day.

If u want training remember the date and time because i am no longer organizing it just to see ppl fly....

Mr Tiny

Views: 469 | Added by: MrTiny | Date: 2009-07-02 | Comments (7)

Well guys as u all can see, the forum has a new arrangement. Now we have 3 games among it. Which means we have officlaly 3 games we play as KoD-Clan. There now is a KoD-Section where there is recruitment and RULES! (they will change a bit in the next few days) At least I hope u like the updates and like to see im still active for us. AT LEAST ONE BEG. PLS DONT SPAM FULL THE NEW SECTIONS!!!

There also will come a Admin-Section there will be only 1 open sections for members, where u can add suggestions and other ieas how to rise as clan. Other Threads in this section will only accessable for moderators and higher-one (admins at least) Well guys we are still alive and ready to move :D

HF in playing the games and be FAIR :D
Greetings h@†3
Views: 474 | Added by: h@†3 | Date: 2009-06-04 | Comments (1)

Well guys the day has come. I´m annoyed of DM so much, so I dont play anymore! This game only consists of bugs and user, also speedhacker were there. And I really cheered me up so much to dont leave this game, until a newone like DM appears. But I´m done with it. So many offends, so many people left, so many things happend and at least our clan was born. Thus isnt the death of it. I latly saw most of u playing L4D and Team Fortress2 thats where we will rise again.

It was a good time in DM. But its over now. I also will cancel the servers. (but I will buy new when the right game appears)

Views: 526 | Added by: h@†3 | Date: 2009-06-01 | Comments (17)

Hi Folk... I just wanted to say sry for beeing away latly. Its just I have a job... keeps me close in time. I try to be there when I can. PLS!!!! MAKE SOME TRAININGS--- AND TRY TO GET UR FEET TO THE FLOOR TO ORGANZIE SOME EVENTS... im rly busy those days :<
Views: 595 | Added by: h@†3 | Date: 2009-04-09 | Comments (13)

Well ok the chat will stay.. But we now have new lists. Whcih shows active members and Inactive...
Hope u like it.
Views: 493 | Added by: h@†3 | Date: 2009-03-03 | Comments (8)

Well folks things went odd those days. We got our first permanent ban on the servers... And also OFFENDING and insulting, against our entire clan... SO RECRUTING is stopped. Also forum is closed now... NO PERSON REGISTRED HERE CAN SEE WHATS WRITTEN IN THERE. The quickchat is removed (i will implant it somewhere else). Coz I dont want to have insulting stuff in it.
Views: 485 | Added by: h@†3 | Date: 2009-03-03 | Comments (5)

Well folks with this post things will change alot. I ment that Dark Messiah is dying more and more, but I was in kinda standy until a new game like it appears. But no gmae will come soon enougth and until that I dont want my clan dies.
At least Mr Tiny gave me a little push in the right direction. I was really unactive those days (you all think), but the trueth is i was thinking of our clan-situation. So here is want you all want to know.

We´ll move to new games. Games like Counter Strike Source, Team Fortress2, (maybe) Left 4 Dead, and some others (i dont know which more there could be able to play as clan) Well I was thinking of what am I doing... Will there be squads or will there be an entire clan (for each game) At least I decided to make this slowly. Means There will be squads for now... If we have more ppl (which join) I will split of and build groups (means Steamgroups (like KoD-CSS,KoD-TF2...) and also similar pages where those groups have there own area. (but this i ... Read more »
Views: 494 | Added by: h@†3 | Date: 2009-02-27 | Comments (3)

Well folks, a new year has come. Hope all will be fine and even better. I wish you all the best.

(BTW my new card is awesome :D)

greetz hate :D
Views: 518 | Added by: h@†3 | Date: 2009-01-01 | Comments (3)

Hi to all members, I just wanted to know you that I will have a new graficcard soon! My beloved honey saw my sadness every day. (getting worster day to day :( )

Well, he surprised me :D He bought me a N-Vidia 260 GTX (2nd edtion) :D
I´m just waiting for the delivery, coz he bought it in the internet.
But I think there will be another problem. Coz me and my hun` are moving for a new house. (this year... yes this year :D  28. of Dec) But we dont have internet there. Hope this problem will be fixed soon. So pls be loyal to your beloved family. And another beg to you all. Please dont be lazy in trainings, make the trainings. Even if I´m not there. (Leanna is server admin so she can set server for the right options). Well this is all for now...

I wish you all a very nice X-mas and a happy new year!!! :D

(I will be back!!!)

Greeting your leader hate :D

Views: 501 | Added by: h@†3 | Date: 2008-12-23 | Comments (2)

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