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Main » 2009 » November » 5 » Shattered Horizon
9:31 AM
Shattered Horizon

Greetings from space comrates,

I dont know if you noticed the new steam-release "Shattered Horizon". Its a game created by the Futuremark Studios (those guys who created the gamingbenchmark). This game is about fighting in space, there are differend modis you can play in. Like TDM "Battle"(Team-Deathmatch), Assault (this is a one way attack on capture points) and a Skirmish (this is even to DM´s Crusade or TF2´s Capturemode).

Ok here is what I discoverd. Its a game you play in free space. There is no direction like up and down. You float arround and attach to the groud nearby (which could be an asteroid or maybe some floating containers or some ground of a greater shard of land). The map design is very tactical. In the first game it all looks confusing and its a bit difficult to get familiar with the controls. But after 2 or maybe 3 maps its fine. There only is one mainweapon, which is an assaultrifle with zoomfunction (to have a sniperrifle) and you have 3 different types of grenades (EMP to stun, Ice to make a frozencloud and Shockwaves to push the enemy around).

The size of servers is similar to those in DM there are 16-32 player on one server. And you can choose between mixed-mode servers
 and singlemode servers. Till now there are 4 great maps, but I guess this will change fast.
Well imho this game has a protencial to be played by KoD. If you arent certain about the price and hardware check this out.

Shattered Horizon

Well look for urself and decide if you want to play this or not. As for me, I think its funny and has a huge protencial. The grafix also looks awesome (very detailed O.O) and the gameplay is one of a kind. So if you decide to play this as clanmate in KoD then go for the forum and write your opppion down. There is a poll open in the Adminsection.

Please reply in there. Sincerly ur leader h@†3/Fallen
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