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Main » 2008 » December » 17 » New Co-Clanleader, Rankings and prositions!
11:29 AM
New Co-Clanleader, Rankings and prositions!
Ok I think some of you didnt really mentioned what happend some days (weeks) ago. So I think I made an official post for that. Sicc (Pervers) left the Co-Leader prosition, to stay as member. Well, he choosed his successor for his own. So there is no way he was prefered by me. (Coz I would have choosen noone, just to not prefer someone!!!)

Well I hope u all like the decision Sicc made (I guess u will :D) and welcome my new helper and
ur new Co-leader Mr.Tiny. He has allmost the same rights then me, and he also can when there is smthn isnt right and handle things (on his way).

Well there is another thing I want to tell you. Its about rankings and the prostion you get, and with it the responsibility.
1st. of all I changed servers rcon-passwords (some of you mmay know what that mean), as for the reasons are simple there was to much abuse of the admin-ability (mostly some ppl ask me, "why ur server has password?", "ur server is on CTF..., and there is infinite time set") Alltime I had to fix those things. I´m sick of that!
2nd. Most of the ppl I gave the password are most time unactive. And thats not good. Coz same shit as befor (someone writes me "Can you set 2v2 Collo..." you know my oppinion about that)

Well the person I´ve choosen dont know of its luck right now. The person was choosen coz of much activitiy in the game. So welcome the new server-"admin" Leanna! For my oppinion she is the best choice for that job, because she plays the game allmost every day. And she also has proven herself to the clan. ("admin" coz there is no way I show u the things behind the scenes, thats my place coz I pay for that)(PS: You also will get an introduction, of what to do)

So well those are the few things happend here. I hope you all can understand decisions which are fallen. Sincerly ur leader h@†3
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Total comments: 6
6 MrTiny  

5 Alnitak  

4 MrTiny  
Niki lol

leanna have fun with being server damin smile
just remember to change everything back when u leave the server xD

3 Nikitson  
GL leana!

2 h@†3  
Leannas job is to make training. To keep an eye on the servers. biggrin

1 Nikitson  
hehe tiny runker uper LOL
amm Hate and leana'a job lay in what?

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