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Okay to be honorest, I was a bit lazy about ranking duels. But I also cant remember all of them. >.<***
Well I thought of smthn. We will have a ranking-duel-day in our colloseum for all those who wants to have a rank up. (PLS NOT ALL :O)

So here is one beg to all of you. IF U GOT ANY SPECIAL FAVOURS I SHOULD DO, PLS REMIND ME FROM TIME TO TIME! Most of you know that I´m creating a map for our beloved game. And in fact of that I also trx to make our server run custom maps. (better to say, that you can download them without having "Missing BSP-File" error)

OK one last thing. All of you ment that there are some new sections in our forum. (hope u mentioned those)
Well I would appreciate it if you try to write smthn in them. (like when would u suggest having training)
Because in the last few weeks I dont have that much time to think of smthn like that.

greets ur leader h@†3

Views: 516 | Added by: h@†3 | Date: 2008-12-14 | Comments (2)

Well it has been long an official thing. But coz of noones looking into the forum, there was no word about it spoken yet.
In other words, Im a bit disapointed about the usement of the forum. Only some sections of it are still alive. It was so hard work to make this page possible :(

Well for the facts. Tiny suggested a Inner Clantourment! And I really like that idea, but there were no people replying to the thread, so it cant take place coz of to less people. And that in a clan with 27 members.

Ok here is my suggest. We have created 2 posts (one in steamgroup, one here) so please reply to them (better reply here) So we can have Inner Clanwars.

And one last word: KEEP THE FORUM ALIVE!!! ITS DYING!!!

Views: 494 | Added by: h@†3 | Date: 2008-12-14 | Comments (0)

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