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Main » 2010 » October » 15 » Changes. Games/Steam for {KoD}
9:06 PM
Changes. Games/Steam for {KoD}
Hello guys.
It has been quiet lately and I’m sorry for that but I have made some changes today which I think some of you would like to hear.
I have decided to remove our l4d squad seeing as we were not in it as a clan. And replaced it with a HoN (Heros of Neweath). The forums are up now.
This new squad has changed some things. One of which is the "ranking" I will not do rank 1, 2, 3, etc but instead I have made titles to show distinction.
There is the clan board which shows the titles of the high responsibility clan members such as, clan creator, clan leader and squad leaders. These members will act like a board of directors disusing what the clan should do in the big picture.
Then there are the squad titles, each squad will have similar titles but will vary from each squad. (yes, i plan to expand {KoD} in other games in the future).
So now {KoD} is in DM and HoN, TF2 is still on the forums but more for fun.
This will also change {KoD}'s steam. This has not happened yet but I will do it shortly. {KoD} will have a Community steam group, this will contain all {KoD}'s members and community events will be set in this group. Then there will be a group for each squad, 1 DM steam group and 1 HoN steam group. This steam groups will hold only the squad members and only squad events will be announced and set in each steam groups for each squad e.g. DM steam group will post only events concerning that game, same goes for HoN steam group. Like I said have not set these steam group up yet but will shortly, this are all the changes that have/will be done for now. If this goes well maybe {KoD} can expand into other games sooner.
This is all still open to comments and suggestions so pls post or talk to me on steam if you have any. And also if you are confused with what’s going on pls contact me on steam, Skype or PM me on our website. :)
 -Mr Tiny.
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1 Fuzz  
Hey all. You might know me from Dark Messiah of Might and Magic Multiplayer. Especialy under the name Fuzz or i R Fuzz, as I wore during my EYE days. For thouse of you who will be joining KoD in Heroes of Newerth (HoN) will know me under the name, "GetNerded". I'm looking forward to this, because HoN is nice game with some good potential, especialy clanwise, since it's got alot to do with teamwork. Feel free to give me or any other of the squadleaders a buzz if you have any questions / suggestions. Squad leader list can be found here, if in doubt, "". Cya all soon, peace. cool

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