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Main » 2009 » July » 2 » DM training
8:52 PM
DM training
I am not doing anymore training for DM squad because of 2day. Training is to train as a team just because ur good by yourself does not mean ur good in a team. In today’s training admins was changing settings for their own use, making ppl faster and jump higher.

I do not expect to run around in steam getting u to training and then see u change settings. EYE clan won both CW’s against us not because they have better skilled players we r even in that as the EYE vs KoD collo duels show but they have better skilled player but because they have better team play. That is why we have training to get our team play up not to make ppl fly or go faster...That’s not training team play that’s just playing about which we can do on any day.

If u want training remember the date and time because i am no longer organizing it just to see ppl fly....

Mr Tiny

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7 Alnitak  
I know I don´t go so usually to the training sessions (now I can go more) so don´t consider so much my opinion. The last Thursday training was so awful, as you know, so I´ll not talk about the details. I understand too that it´s only a game but the thing we need to have in mind is that everyone has got a responsability as a clan member, that means obey your superiors, do your best, come to trainings, etc.
One thing is use commands, etc, in a normal day and another is using it in clan training -.- . I hope this lesson will stay as an anecdote in the past and hope that it will help us to get more involved as a team.

5 MrTiny  
I know its a game but i am also Co-leader which changes things for me and hate...
If you have ever been team leader in a football team or any team you should know what i'm talking about I want this clan to be a community and a good team in CWs but i can't do that if admins don't do as i say and stop when i ask.
What the admins did in that training was wrong and when i asked them to stop they didn't thats disrespecful.
This clan is close to 1 year old and this is the 1st time this has happend.
In my lil 9 ppl football team (play summer 6 VS 6 in our town) we do training and have fun with no F*ing about and no1 gose against what the captain dose because we know he is only thinking whats best for the team.That is what me and hate are doing also.

I will only organice training where other clans want to come. If its KoD only i'll leave that to KoD members i will not run like a headless chicken anymore just to see ppl fly in training.

6 h@†3  
You are definalty right. As I was a player it was just playing. No serious things nothing. And now, I´m leader and even if I dont want to play I have to be there. Coz I need to check for my mates and there performance. Specially when I was the one who organzied training-sesseions, my first aim was to get us up as team. Even if the single players are good itself, the team is worse. Thats what training is for. If there are any lazy players the team will mess up. Specially in CW´s. When some people dont like if someone says go this class, stick together etc... Then he shouldnt come. And leave the clan. This isnt an aim I have when I beg Tiny for trainings and he gives up coz of noone appears and all do what they want.

4 Hakken  
omg, guys, this is just a game! it is for fun! i mean, i also didn't like changing the servers settings while in-game, but, as i said, this is a GAME. don't treat it like normall life, don't think that changing settings is an offense! just play and have fun!

3 MrTiny  
I am only going to organice tranings when other clans r involved thats it all other tranings with only KoD members u can do it urselves i'll just be there and lcok server...

2 Hakken  
Chill Tiny. I'm very glad that you did the trainig, and i hope there will be more. Why? Because it makes all of us better. It was the first one, and i think evry next will be better, more people will come and so on. And about the flying... well.... some people are still very new to their admin powers. Let's give them some time. next training on sunday dmomm team!

1 h@†3  
Well thats what I hated every time -.- Poor u! cry

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