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Main » 2008 » July » 25 » {KoD} vs [EYE]
5:07 PM
{KoD} vs [EYE]
So i talked to Turalyon from [EYE]. We have now a second war, with multible choice. So let´s train hard to even them. For further infos, go to the forum und clanwars.
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6 h@†3   [Entry]
Dudes pls think about befor giving a comment... @ [EYE]´s are weak. Well then u never played against [EYE] if u say so. [EYE] is my old clan... thats where my roots lie biggrin

5 Henrique   [Entry]
The [EYE] are weak -.-

4 Nikitson   [Entry]

3 oddbod   [Entry]
Actually, some of them don't play well at all. I've encountered slashers and bombers in [EYE] before. If you ask me, they're not as good as they used to be.

2 PROTOTYPE   [Entry]
I played against [EYE] too...i didn't want to play against them because i know they will toast me...they have such good team play and they have some good old players like Broble and Bamlee...if we want to win we must work harder...we should have more practice (if it's possible) and...we should to play more on KoD servers...because the more we play will be like 24/7 practice...and we must do that!!!

i know that some of you are working or have other business or our KoD servers have high ping for you...but plz try to work harder if we want to be the best clan in Dark Messiah Multiplayer!!!

1 Shadow_Fang   [Entry]
I want to say that I just played with these guys and holy $%#@ they play so was disturbing.....same with ha/HS* LOL I was like wait are we fighing you...soon...and they said yes...then I looked at kills and each of them had 64 XD it was scary biggrin but I did get to see how they play a few classes >:D and I think with proper stratagy we could win easy.

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